Top 7 African Safari Destinations

If you've read any post on Chronicles of a Travel Addict, you've probably gotten the point that I absolutely love animals. Animal rights have always been a central focus of my travels. So the idea of getting to see wild animals in their own habitat, knowing that they are not exploited just for my enjoyment, is … Continue reading Top 7 African Safari Destinations


The Phantasmagoric Landscapes of Iceland

As I sat there in the silver, rickety tin-can of a car, bundled in my purple “omni-heat” Columbia jacket, I took off my gloves and reminded myself to breathe. According to the calendar, the days of winter were vanishing, but the snow and ice along the roads told me otherwise. I was in Reykjavík, Iceland, … Continue reading The Phantasmagoric Landscapes of Iceland

Budget Travel: Using Groupon on the Road

As a budget traveler, I’m always looking for ways to get the most out of life while saving money. While I adopted a frugal way of living many years ago- packing lunches to work, walking instead of taking a cab, hunting for sales, and cutting out unnecessary expenses- this doesn’t mean that I don’t like … Continue reading Budget Travel: Using Groupon on the Road

My Time in Reykjavik: Staying at The Loft

After about six hours on the WOW Air flight from Boston, I grabbed my bags, made some essential purchases at Keflavik airport's duty free shop, and descended into the bitter cold night. My hiking boots crunched soft snow as I zipped my new omni-heat Columbia coat all the way up and walked toward the bus … Continue reading My Time in Reykjavik: Staying at The Loft

Five Apps for Happier Trips

I’ve been hitting the road now for over a decade, and navigating unknown lands has changed immensely. Gone are the days of walkmans and small CD cases packed to the brim, of hand-held journals, paper maps, and books you can actually hold in your hands and rip the pages from. And while some of us … Continue reading Five Apps for Happier Trips

1Above- The Smart Way to Prepare for Your Flight

Stepping out of my hostel and onto the city streets, my mind flooded with confused, rambling thoughts I couldn’t quite articulate or ascertain. After more than 17 hours in the air and 30-something hours without sleep, I had fallen prey to that awful monster called Jet Lag. I looked upon the signs written in Hiragana, … Continue reading 1Above- The Smart Way to Prepare for Your Flight

15 Christmas Gifts Female Travelers Will Love

We all have our lists of things we'd love to have. But let's admit it, everyone is into different things, and some people are more difficult to buy for. If there is an avid female traveler in your life, chances are she doesn't want another box of lotions or pair of stilettos she'd only wear … Continue reading 15 Christmas Gifts Female Travelers Will Love

One Day in Bangkok: How to Make the Most of Your Time

Bangkok is a complex, sensory city filled with grit, bright lights, crowded streets, a mix of modern and old culture, and no shortage of temptation. As the capital of Thailand and a major economic hub, this metropolis is home to over 6 million people, with an estimated 14 million people living in the suburbs. While … Continue reading One Day in Bangkok: How to Make the Most of Your Time

Tuesday Twitter Chat: Mexico

Today's twitter chat was a blast! After all, it is Tuesday, and that's the best time to talk about travel, right? I was approached by CheapOair a few weeks ago in regard to being a guest on their Tuesday Twitter Chat. I have participated in plenty of twitter chats, but this was my first time … Continue reading Tuesday Twitter Chat: Mexico