Exploring Things to Do Locally

I’ve written before about Groupon and how you can use it on the road, but I’d like to talk about what it allows you to do even when you’re staying at home, or being the most bad-ass weekend warrior possible. Yes, this is a sponsored post for Groupon, but I’m also a huge fan of the site, as it lets me explore widely no matter where I’m at, and always on a budget.

No matter where you live, I’m sure you’ve had those moments of feeling like there is nothing to do aside from go to the movies, walk around the park, or hang out at the local watering hole. (Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere like San Francisco, New York, or Barcelona, where there’s always too many things to do!) But even so, trust me, there is always room for further exploration.

You can browse sites like MeetUp or local Facebook pages, but your best bet is popping up Groupon and looking at the “Things to Do” tab for your current location. The reason why I love using this website is that it gives me ideas for things that might already be on my list, as well as things I may not have thought of- such as pretending I’m back in Buenos Aires as I learn to tango, or having someone teach me how to properly garden (so that my plants don’t wilt away while others’ gardens bloom).

Not only can I get myself out into the community doing fun things, I also can do it much more inexpensively than going directly to the company. Plus, Groupon is always having flash sales and extra 10-20 percent off deals, which is always an extra incentive. That being said, Groupon is an excellent way to get you active, no matter if you’ve been living in the same area for 20 years or have just moved across the country.

*While this is a sponsored post for Groupon, as always, all opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Things to Do Locally

    • Cristina Luisa says:

      Thank you! I love Groupon and was just browsing the site for Christmas gifts… for myself and others! Haha. It’s so useful both on the road and off. Sometimes you discover businesses that are right around the corner that you’d never heard of!


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