On Road Trips and RVs

Adventure will always be in my bones. If I ignore it, it harbors resentment, manifests itself into a restlessness that no 20-mile walk around the neighborhood could ever subdue. Wanderlust makes itself known and demands to be acknowledged until I find myself in a trance, packing my belongings to set out once again. The destination … Continue reading On Road Trips and RVs

Top 7 African Safari Destinations

If you've read any post on Chronicles of a Travel Addict, you've probably gotten the point that I absolutely love animals. Animal rights have always been a central focus of my travels. So the idea of getting to see wild animals in their own habitat, knowing that they are not exploited just for my enjoyment, is … Continue reading Top 7 African Safari Destinations

India: Know Before You Go

Complex, chaotic, cacophonous, confusing: India is many things. It is a multi-layered society with many belief systems, languages, governments, religions, and people. This country will make your heart pound a bit faster, challenge your patience, peak your curiosity, and leave you pondering the essence of life long after you visit. Anything is possible in this … Continue reading India: Know Before You Go

Why Tanzania is the Ultimate Destination

How Spain will lead me to Tanzania If you could only visit one more country before you die, what would it be? For me, Tanzania is the ultimate destination. Before I explain, let me back up: After visiting Spain three years back, something cracked open within me. I'd dreamed of going to Europe, specifically the … Continue reading Why Tanzania is the Ultimate Destination

El Bogotazo: 70 Years Later

Here in Colombia, today represents a significant shift in history that's almost impossible to ignore, even 70 years later. On April 9th, 1948 Colombia's future was forever changed. After enduring over 100 years of conflict between its two political parties, an assassination and the subsequent chaos, named El Bogotazo, would contribute to La Violencia. This … Continue reading El Bogotazo: 70 Years Later

Why I’m Moving Abroad Alone & Other Life Updates

There was a time when I fantasized about traipsing the world by myself, selling jewelry to make money and hitchhiking to cross borders. I'd wear my soles into the ground as I learned new languages and marveled at life's miracles. I was in my early twenties and had just moved to Buenos Aires. The world … Continue reading Why I’m Moving Abroad Alone & Other Life Updates

The Arctic Beauty of Norway: A Wishlist

When we reach the proverbial ends of the earth, there is a magic that happens nowhere else. The extremities of life emerge in palpable ways, showing their harsh beauty in visions of towering glaciers, haunting mountainscapes, and gaping sapphire fjords. We find animals whose oddities have allowed them to thrive in severe weather; people with … Continue reading The Arctic Beauty of Norway: A Wishlist

Nothin’ Like Roadtrippin’

Setting off on a new journey is one of the most liberating experiences you can have in this life. You’ll discover new lands, cultures, meet life-changing people, and learn so much about yourself. When planning your adventure, one of the most exciting parts is choosing just how you will get from one place to another. … Continue reading Nothin’ Like Roadtrippin’

The Sojourner

“for though we travel light we have the burdens of 300 miles in our heads.” -Brenda Frazer   Oh, the burdens Not hundreds, but thousands- infinite miles seen and still yet to see, travel   All that I cannot unsee, cannot forget or unknow, still stuck in my head, heart, gut               like knowledge/experience-thorns   Unreliable … Continue reading The Sojourner