Vegan Resource & Travel Blogger Directory

Vegan Travel BloggerDirectory


Vegan Resources

There are so many resources out there for traveling vegans; sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Whether you are already a vegan looking for tips on remote travel or are pondering the transition to a plant-based lifestyle, the following are sure to help you.


health labs@4x

No matter how many case studies come out confirming the health (and environmental) benefits of a vegan diet, doubts still seem to linger. Thankfully, Health Labs has created the first test to determine if your current diet is working in your favor. If you are an omnivore considering a plant-based lifestyle, the tests will analyze if your consumption of meat and dairy products are affecting your health. If you are already a vegan, you can also take this test to see if you lack any nutrients. (Hey, being on the road can often take its toll!)

Be sure to enter the code “traveladdict25” to receive your 25%- an offer exclusively for subscribers to Chronicles of a Travel Addict! For more information about how Health Labs is making a cruelty-free diet more transparent, see here.

Vegan Travel Bloggers

It might seem like traveling as a vegan through carnivorous countries would be impossible, but it’s not! It’s wonderful how many travelers are helping the environment with their lifestyle choices. If you’re interested in learning more about how to eat a plant-based diet while on the road, drop by these travelers’ blogs to see the endless possibilities!

Sam and Veren

Alternative Travelers with Sam and Veren

Couple Sam and Veren make their way around the world slowly on a budget via house and pet sitting. They are vegan for health, ethical, and environmental reasons. Alternative Travelers shows readers that traveling while vegan can be manageable, fun, and rewarding. Find tips on to traveling sustainably and extensive vegan travel guides on their site. Follow them on Instagram to see their travels and plant-based foodie finds!


Angela Orrechio- Healthy Vegan Lifestyle & Travel Blog with Angela

Angela Orecchio, a Super Yacht Stewardess, is a passionate advocate of high carb vegan living with an emphasis on fresh fruit. She originally went vegan to help clear up her acne, but also managed to get rid of debilitating anxiety and depression. She is now vegan not only for her health, but also to promote compassionate living for people and animals. Find out more on Facebook about her world travels as a vegan.


AngloItalian with Dale and Franca

Dale & Franca are a British and Italian couple who left the UK to travel the world in 2012. After going vegetarian together in 2013 after volunteering with street dogs in Thailand, they went completely vegan in 2014. On their blog Angloitalian – A Slow Vegan Travel Blog, they regularly write about their love for slow travel and veganism. You can find out more about them here.

ligeia and mindy

BoundingOverOurSteps with Ligeia and Mindy

Ligeia and Mindy, a bi-national couple, became vegan in 2012 after learning the truth about the meat and dairy industry. Their blog chronicles their vegan adventures all around the world, both delicious and challenging, as well as their work to advance animal rights. They worked in Thailand to help save Asian elephants, and now are focused on rescuing animals from the food industry.


Break Loose Journal with Ash-lea

Ash-lea has been living and traveling throughout Mexico and Central America for over a year now. Five years ago, a friend opened her eyes to the reality of the dairy industry, influencing Ash-lea to go vegan. Her plant-based lifestyle and passion snowballed from there. In “Break Loose Journal,” you’ll find great travel resources and (vegan) insights into global destinations. Let loose and follow her tasty, vegan adventures on Instagram.

burger abroad

Burger Abroad with Amanda

Amanda became vegan over 20 years ago, opting for a plant-based lifestyle due to animal welfare, and inspired by Moby. Her blog, Burger Abroad, is about the mis/adventures of a vegan solo traveler. As a Vet Tech (turned full-time house/pet sitter), her mission is to share tips on travel, veganism, and mindfulness. Follow her on Twitter if you can’t get enough.

Me at Park Guell

Chronicles of a Travel Addict with Cristina (me)

Cristina had been a vegetarian for the majority of her life, but became vegan in early 2014 when she moved to Portland. As an animals rights advocate, she is dedicated to living life with kindness and awareness. Her motto is “Do no harm, but take no shit.” Currently, she is incorporating the vegan side of life into her travel blog. Expect to see travel tips, restaurant reviews, and recipes from around the world.


Earth & Eats with Lucas

Lucas has been discovering and inventing plant-based goodies ever since he went vegan in 1993. In early 2016, he launched the Vegan Eats Project while traveling around the globe, documenting vegan recipes along the way. Lucas also focuses on the animal-loving people he meets, as well as their philosophies, lives, homes and environments. Follow his adventures, and the Vegan Eats Project, on his blog and on Instagram.


Heather Nicholds with Heather

Heather Nicholds is a vegan, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Canadian, and a very frequent traveler. She shares recipes, nutrition tips, and motivation on her site and through videos. When she travels, she shares new vegan finds, any challenges as a vegan and how to overcome them, and sometimes just fun info about the places she visits.

sam and zab

Indefinite Adventure with Sam and Zab

Sam and Zab are a British couple with insatiable wanderlust. After being together for seven and a half years, they left on one-way tickets to Buenos Aires in 2013. They are now based in Berlin, traveling slowly, and working from their laptops. Sam and Zab are always on the hunt for the best vegan food, cakes, street art and quirky things to do. Their vegan city guides showcase the best places for vegan travellers to find great food!

justin n lauren

Justin Plus Lauren with Justin and Lauren

Justin and Lauren are a vegan couple who are slowly making their way around the world. They’re always seeking out delicious plant-based meals wherever they go. Their blog also focuses on adventure travel, visiting beautiful places in nature, and eco-friendly travel. Explore what they’ve been up to on their Facebook page.

giselle n cody

Mindful Wanderlust with Giselle and Cody

After watching Earthlings, and volunteering at a facility in Thailand that rescued dogs from the dog meat trade, Giselle and Cody could no longer deny the fact that all animals suffer, and all are deserving of their own lives. They started traveling full-time in 2012, and through Mindful Wanderlust the couple shares slow travel stories, great cruelty free food, cultural experiences, animal rights, education, musings on life, and colorful travel videos.


Mosaiksteine with Melanie

Melanie is a German travel blogger who writes  (in German) about vegan travel and recipes from all over the world. In 2010, she became vegan for ethical reasons. It wasn’t until 2015 that she started her blog to share her travel stories and make her favorite recipes accessible to the world. So far, Melanie has focused on traveling throughout Europe, but she hopes to see as much of the world as she can. Check out her cruelty-free photos here!

mostly amelie

Mostly Amélie with Amélie

Amélie is a fun-loving, vegan, Canadian graphic designer, photographer, and travel writer. In January 2014, she sold all of her possessions, ditching the 9 to 5 lifestyle in favor of roaming the world at her own will and following her ever-itchy feet. Ever since, she has been traveling mainly across Southeast Asia, discovering amazing vegan food and deepening her yoga practice. Catch her on Facebook and be sure to say hello.


Plant-Powered Nomad with Amelia

Amelia became vegan overnight in 2012 in a desperate attempt to improve her health. Soon after, when she realized how animals are treated, she became an ethical vegan. After a year teaching ESL in Taiwan, she’s now finding her way as a newbie full-time nomad. On her blog, she writes about budget and solo female travel, vegan food, and teaching ESL. Stop by her Facebook page to find out more about her adventures.

karyn jane

The Lost Lemurian with Karyn

After learning of the huge impact animal agriculture has on the world’s oceans and  environment, Karyn became an ethical vegan in 2014. Veganism is now central to her spirituality, as she believes all
beings are equally deserving of compassion. Karyn blogs about veganism, environmentalism, slow responsible travel, spirituality and lost civilizations. Keep up with her day-to-day adventures on Instagram.

Nomadic Vegan bio photo

The Nomadic Vegan with Wendy

Wendy Werneth is an intrepid traveller, vegan foodie and polyglot. Having become vegan after many years of travel, covering 7 continents and nearly 100 countries, she started her blog, The Nomadic Vegan to show the world how fun and fulfilling vegan travel can be. You can download her ebook, 8 Steps for Fun and Easy Vegan Travel, for free.

Caitlin profilepicsocmedia

The Vegan Word with Caitlin

Caitlin has been vegan since 2008 and has so far traveled to 29 countries (over 20 of which she visited as a vegan). She blogs about vegan food she finds around the world, and has been featured on The New York Times and Yahoo!. Caitlin’s book, The Essential Vegan Travel Guide, is a how-to guide showing you the best ways to plan stress-free, meat-free travels, anywhere in the world.


Tiki Touring Kiwi with Jub

Jub is a slow traveler from New Zealand. After learning about the supreme health benefits, he switched to a vegan lifestyle in October 2012 and started to have more energy than ever. Since that time, he has lived in Australia and Canada, blogging about his adventures. So far, the hardest place he found to be vegan was the Gobi Desert, Mongolia. The most surprisingly vegan-friendly place was Warsaw, Poland. Check out his whacky adventures on Facebook.

elena travel tofu

Travel & Tofu with Elena

Elena is a Spanish girl living in Berlin. She is always trying to get the most out of her vacation days in order to travel to new places. By writing about her trips on her blog, Travel & Tofu, Elena is also showing people that being vegan is actually not such a hard thing. Follow her on Facebook to see more of her adventures- and not just with tofu!


Veganbnb Travel with Emma

After ten years of tour leading in Latin America, Europe and north Africa, Emma switched to serving vegan travelers in 2012. Veganbnb Travel provides self-guided vegan adventure holidays and retreats in Europe and Latin America, with new destinations on the horizon! One holiday at a time, Veganbnb Travel promotes an accessible lifestyle in which animals, people, and the environment are not exploited.

caryl n paul

Vegan Food Quest with Caryl and Paul

Caryl and Paul are a full-time vegan travel couple on a quest to “find, eat, and write about the best vegan food in the world.” They love to explore through slow, experiential, and luxury travel, sharing vegan cuisine and destination guides along the way. They think veganism is the best way to do the least harm possible to your health, the planet and the animals we share it with. See how their vegan travel adventure unfolds.


Vegan Hop with Molly and Dan

Molly and Dan are an ethically vegan couple with two awesome bunnies who love to travel on a budget. For their “honeymoon” two years ago, they decided to quit our jobs and travel the world. Vegan Hop is their blog of where they went, what they ate and how they did it all on a budget. Molly and Dan are on a mission to prove that you can be vegan anywhere. To learn more about them, visit their Facebook page.


Vegan in Brighton with Jojo

Jojo is a British blogger who travels full-time. She has been vegan for almost a decade, inspired by her love of animals. Her blog explores vegan travel, food, and lifestyle. She’s passionate about making veganism a straightforward and attainable goal for everyone, demonstrating that it can be both fun and delicious. Find out more about her cruelty-free travels throughout SE Asia, Europe and the US on Instagram.


Vegan Nom Noms with Nicole

Nicole is an American living in Berlin. She blogs about vegan food around the world, travel, and expat life. Bouncing between hermitting at her Berlin base, cooking from her out-of-control vegan cookbook collection and following her travel bug, Nicole prefers a non-fancy traveling style and making real connections wherever she goes. To see what she’s cooking, follow her Instagram page.


Vegan Tour Guide with Mike

Mike, a self-proclaimed “Meathead Wrestler,” is dedicated to spreading the word about a plant-based, vegan diet and lifestyle. He believes that being vegan is part of a “win-win” philosophy that promotes health, ends animal abuse/slaughter, and positively impacts the environment. His blog aims to inform people about “all things vegan,” including recipes and nutrition, proving that veganism is for EVERYONE. See what he’s eating on IG here!


Veggie Visa with Randi

Randi is the co-creator of “Veggie Visa” and “Just a Pack.” After seeing various incidents of animal abuse in Asia, she decided to transition from being vegetarian to fully vegan. She is on a round-the-world journey, exploring cultures within Latin America, Europe, Asia, and more. Veggie Visa’s mission is to discover and share cruelty-free lifestyle options all over the planet. Follow her latest vegan creations and adventures on Twitter.


Will Travel for Vegan Food with Kristin

Kristin Lajeunesse is the author of Will Travel for Vegan Food: A Young Woman’s Solo Van-Dwelling Mission to Break Free, Find Food, and Make Love. In 2011, Kristin quit her job and moved into a renovated van in an effort to eat at and write about every vegan restaurant in the United States. Kristin continues to write about her foodie finds as she nomads around the world, van-dwelling, and reviewing the best vegan fare around.


WorldWideVegetarian with Katie

Katie of is a traveling vegan blogger currently on an indefinite journey. She became vegan for health reasons, but later discovered the environmental and spiritual side of living plant-based. Her site features healthy veg recipes and travel tips, proving that it is possible to eat a balanced vegan diet anywhere. To keep up with her adventures throughout the world, and in the kitchen, follow WWV on Instagram.


Yet to Reveal with Sara

Sara Ann is a travel and vegan blogger. She encourages her readers to live a life they love and do more of what makes them happy. Besides the travel tips, guides and photography from around the world that she shares on her blog, she writes about veganism and inspires her audience to care – about themselves, the animals and the environment. See where her travels have taken her on Instagram.

Thank you all for your hard work and showing everyone that, together, we can change the world!

If you feel like you should have been included on this list, or know someone who is missing, please let me know!

Are you a vegan traveler? If so, what have your experiences been? Do you have any tips for those trying to refrain from eating animal products? If you’re not a vegan or a vegetarian, do you think you could travel on a plant-based diet? Please share your comments below!

20 thoughts on “Vegan Resource & Travel Blogger Directory

  1. Prasad Np aka desi Traveler says:

    Good to see other vegans / vegetarians traveling the world. It also kind of takes care of the myth that all western people are meat eaters. I come from India , where a lot of people do not eat meat for various religions / spiritual or health reasons. In fact we have different levels of vegetarians e.g people who will only eat eggs., people like me who will eat dairy like Cheese and yogurt but will not eat meat or egg. I became a vegetarian by choice about 14 years ago and never felt the need to go back to meat. I have traveled to a few countries where getting veg food is not easy but where there is will you have a way 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cristina Luisa says:

      Thank you, Prasad! You’re right; many people think that Westerners (especially from the US) are nothing but hamburger lovers. It’s not so! I originally became vegetarian 23 years ago (wow, now I feel old!) when I was a child- and by default, forced the rest of my family to eat less meat. Like you, I can’t imagine EVER going back to eating meat. What a nightmare that would be! Yes, some countries are more difficult than others to explore while vegan/vegetarian, but you’re right- there’s always a way!


  2. thenomadicvegan says:

    Hi Cristina,
    Thanks for putting together this list of amazing vegan travel bloggers! I know many of these lovely people already, but you’ve introduced me to a few more, including yourself! I would love to be included in this list. I blog at, where I aim to show the world how fun and fulfilling vegan travel can be.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chelsey says:

    Hi Cristina,
    I post about vegan food and travel on my little blog
    Before I travel anywhere I always RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH.
    Research the language, vegan restaurants and cafes in the area and common dishes that may already be “accidentally” vegan.
    Discovering vegan food and lifestyle overseas makes a great adventure 🙂
    Chelsey x


    • Cristina Luisa says:

      Hi Chelsey, thanks for stopping by and sharing your blog. Would you like to be included in the directory? You’re absolutely correct- you can never research too much! I LOVE discovering “accidental” vegan foods; they’re the best! Take care and I look forward to learning about your vegan adventures!


  4. Vegancruiser_Sanna says:

    Hiya Cristina! Thanks for a great directory! Another vegan travel blogger here, from Scotland, and wondered if I could be added to the list as well – should you still be taking submissions? My blog is pretty new (I’m only 7 months vegan) but have been cruising for much longer – so decided to blog about cruising on mainstream cruise lines as a vegan. Can be done, though people have doubted me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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