Recurring Dreams of a Travel Addict

…Or should I say nightmares?

There is always an elaborate trip planned out with a few of friends of mine. An itinerary example would be Nicaragua, Venezuela, Croatia, and Russia. We get to the first destination, do what we’re supposed to do, see what we’re supposed to see, eat what we’re supposed to eat, and then plans fall through. Everyone abruptly has to go home. Ironically, this first destination is always a place that I’ve been to and know quite well (like Nicaragua). And, for some reason unbeknownst to me, I have to go back with them.

I find it quite cruel that my brain would enjoy playing these vivid tricks on me. After all, it knows how important the rest of the trip would be to me. I suppose that is why sometimes I favor solo travel

2 thoughts on “Recurring Dreams of a Travel Addict

  1. I Will Travel says:

    I had no idea you are familiar with Nicaragua. I was born in Managua and lived there until the age of eleven. I have many fond memories of it even though I lived there during climax of the civil war. Cristina, I find your writing and poetry very melancholic and even bittersweet and very appealing.


    • Cristina Luisa says:

      Hi Will, I spent about a month and a half in Nicaragua back in ’07. A month of it I volunteered with Manna Project Int’l, doing art projects and teaching English in La Chureca. Working with those beautiful children in the surrounding wasteland was probably one of the most impacting experiences of my life. (I wrote about the experience earlier in my blog here: I can’t even imagine growing up there during the civil war, but Nicaragua remains one of my favorite countries- the people, the food, the landscape, the culture (I even got to see Carlos Mejia Godoy live!) were just so easy to fall in love with. Apart from Managua, I visited Leon, Granada, Cerro Negro, San Juan del Sur, and Ometepe. I’d love to go back.

      Thank you so much for your compliments; I am very humbled and honored that you can connect with my words.


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