13 Unforgettable Moments in 2013

Admittedly, the beginning of 2013 was quite a dreary one. As I wrote in the past, the months of February and March meant the end of an engagement, but also the beginning of a completely new life for me. I realized what it truly meant to love myself, and what I had been giving up in a futile attempt to … Continue reading 13 Unforgettable Moments in 2013

How to be a “Real” Backpacker

Recently, on the bus from Penang, Malaysia to Phuket, Thailand, I met a group of four Indonesian men traveling together. Equipped with designer bags, sunglasses, and beaming smiles, they joked that they wanted to be "real" backpackers, like me. This got me thinking about what it means to be a "real" backpacker. While I'm wandering … Continue reading How to be a “Real” Backpacker

Simple Ways to Beat Boredom on the Road- Sans Technology

Nowadays, most people fill their down-time or nervous stagnant state by staring at a screen. Whether on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or just your TV, it’s more than likely that you pay more attention to this screen than your significant other. Hey, it’s 2013, and that’s the plain truth. Many people ask me how I endure long … Continue reading Simple Ways to Beat Boredom on the Road- Sans Technology

Hooked upon the Hinges

Sometimes when on the fringes, we stare into blinding lights, get hooked upon the hinges, weep dry tears throughout the night. Sometimes our desert soul screams, searches for vulture-life bliss, tears out the mirage of seams, betrays, fronts our eyes' stark hiss. Sometimes we grow to love what isn't- ours nor theirs in Time. We … Continue reading Hooked upon the Hinges

The Dutch Tulip Fields (Guest Post)

Many thanks to Bell of Wanderlust Marriage for being my first guest blogger! Here is an informative (almost fragrant!) post she wrote about the tulip fields in Netherlands. I have never visited Europe, and this gives me even more inspiration to do so! "The Dutch Tulip Fields" The Dutch tulip fields are one of the things that Alex … Continue reading The Dutch Tulip Fields (Guest Post)

Salar de Uyuni: A Journey in Photographs

There are some countries you travel to and love, others that you don't really care for and want to leave right away.  But none are really boring or forgettable, at least to me.  One of my least favorite countries to date has been Bolivia.  It's the third poorest country in Latin America where most roads are … Continue reading Salar de Uyuni: A Journey in Photographs

Midnight Thoughts on a Life Well Lived

As I look back at all that I've learned, all of the wondrous & inspiring places I've been, all the beautiful faces & kindred souls I've met, and how much I have grown as a human being, I can't help but feel immensely satisfied with life. My journey has thus far only been possible because … Continue reading Midnight Thoughts on a Life Well Lived