For Paris, For Islam, For the World

Today has been one of those sullen days when I have no motivation, no spark, no zest for this beautiful life. It is not only the attacks in Paris last night, the estimated 120+ dead, the sorrow imbued, but also for the hatred, the ignorance, and the misunderstanding that plagues the world and its inhabitants' … Continue reading For Paris, For Islam, For the World

Streets and Scenes of Bogota

Colombia. Drugs. Violence. Guerrillas. Death. Corruption. There is a common misconception within the US- and other first world countries- that these words are synonymous. I decided to write my Master's thesis on La Violencia, or "The Violence", in Colombia to prove that this notion was terribly false. From 1948 to 1958, the country experienced a massive … Continue reading Streets and Scenes of Bogota

Politik Kills: Reasons Why Mitt Romney Frightens Me

It surprises me that, up to this point, I've refrained from writing much about politics. After all, politics control everything in our lives, including education, health care, human rights, food, and economy. Politics can decide every last detail of our existence, including whether or not we are allowed to leave our country or visit foreign land. … Continue reading Politik Kills: Reasons Why Mitt Romney Frightens Me