Who, Me? The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Inspiration is one of those intangible things that make this chaotic, and sometimes mundane, life a bit more magical. Whether it comes from art, music, deep conversation, nature, or exposure to something new, inspiration cracks our minds open, revealing fresh possibilities and realms unknown. This inexplicably beautiful experience brings creativity, motivation, and ingenuity to human … Continue reading Who, Me? The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The Wildflowers of Snow Globes

 “You belong among the wildflowers/ You belong in a boat out at sea/ Sail away, kill off the hours/ You belong somewhere you feel free/ Run away, find you a lover/ Go away somewhere all bright and new/ I have seen no other/ Who compares with you…” –Tom Petty, “Wildflowers” And sometimes the words that stick … Continue reading The Wildflowers of Snow Globes