On the Road to Penang

On the road again- this time from Kuala Lumpur up north to Penang. The bus I sit in is quite comfortable and air-conditioned- a bit more luxurious than I’m used to. The winding path that takes us through Penang is overwhelming- inundated, lush verdure.  It seems the trees may come in and reach into the bus, brush against me, … Continue reading On the Road to Penang

The Beauty of Perito Moreno

After spending almost eight months living in Argentina and backpacking around South America, I decided enough was enough. I needed to see the glaciers in Patagonia no matter what. I booked a flight and headed out the next day from Buenos Aires. A big mistake I made was failing to reserve a dorm room, as … Continue reading The Beauty of Perito Moreno

The Wildflowers of Snow Globes

 “You belong among the wildflowers/ You belong in a boat out at sea/ Sail away, kill off the hours/ You belong somewhere you feel free/ Run away, find you a lover/ Go away somewhere all bright and new/ I have seen no other/ Who compares with you…” –Tom Petty, “Wildflowers” And sometimes the words that stick … Continue reading The Wildflowers of Snow Globes

The Dutch Tulip Fields (Guest Post)

Many thanks to Bell of Wanderlust Marriage for being my first guest blogger! Here is an informative (almost fragrant!) post she wrote about the tulip fields in Netherlands. I have never visited Europe, and this gives me even more inspiration to do so! "The Dutch Tulip Fields" The Dutch tulip fields are one of the things that Alex … Continue reading The Dutch Tulip Fields (Guest Post)