The Monday Meows

I admit it. I am and always have been a cat lady. Maybe even a cat freak. Ex-boyfriends have likened me to this domesticated animal, possibly because I am independent, can be quite sassy, and like to come and go as I please. If I could choose to be animal, I would be a bird- but … Continue reading The Monday Meows

Returning to the City of Lost Angels

One night at the condo in Lake Tahoe, after being surrounded by the stark beauty of snow, I gathered my toiletries and headed downstairs to brush up for bed. As I looked into the mirror, I stared at my reflection with utter detachment. Sure, there was the same long brown hair I was used to, the … Continue reading Returning to the City of Lost Angels

Love is HERE

Love is brilliant.  Love is blind.  Love is bold.  Love is beautiful.  Love is brave.  Love is bashful.  Love is beat.  Love is apparently best described by adjectives starting with the letter "b".  But seriously. love is wonderful and amazing and deserved by EVERYONE. I truly believe that our President desires the best for the people … Continue reading Love is HERE