My Last Day in Portugal

The last day I spent traveling in Europe, I woke up around 10am, ate a measly breakfast of bread, jam, peanut butter, and lots of coffee. I had gone out the night before on a pub crawl, but only made it to one bar: The Three Monkeys. In good ol' fashioned Spring Break-style, I partied … Continue reading My Last Day in Portugal

1Above- The Smart Way to Prepare for Your Flight

Stepping out of my hostel and onto the city streets, my mind flooded with confused, rambling thoughts I couldn’t quite articulate or ascertain. After more than 17 hours in the air and 30-something hours without sleep, I had fallen prey to that awful monster called Jet Lag. I looked upon the signs written in Hiragana, … Continue reading 1Above- The Smart Way to Prepare for Your Flight

Growing up in Penang, Malaysia (Guest Post)

Many thanks to Wan Phing Lim of AsiaRooms for this guest blog post. Here is a delectable, vivid account of childhood in Penang, Malaysia. It goes to show that the smallest cultural details really do make the biggest impressions.  I have never visited Malaysia, but still, this piece inspires a combination of nostalgia and the desire to hop on a plane … Continue reading Growing up in Penang, Malaysia (Guest Post)