On the Road to Penang

On the road again- this time from Kuala Lumpur up north to Penang. The bus I sit in is quite comfortable and air-conditioned- a bit more luxurious than I’m used to. The winding path that takes us through Penang is overwhelming- inundated, lush verdure.  It seems the trees may come in and reach into the bus, brush against me, … Continue reading On the Road to Penang

Bar Review: 1979 Chill Out Lounge

What does 1979 mean to you? It was the year that Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols was found dead in NYC, McDonald’s introduced the Happy Meal, Los Angeles passed its first Gay and Lesbian Rights Bill, the Sandinista National Liberal Front assumed power in Nicaragua, and Star Trek: The Motion Picture premiered at the … Continue reading Bar Review: 1979 Chill Out Lounge

What a Wondrous World

In recent preparation to visit the Hindu-Buddhist temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia, I stumbled on some articles that referred to the site as the eight wonder of the world. Of course, there are only seven "official" wonders of the world, according to a worldwide poll done in 2007. While doing my research, it dawned on … Continue reading What a Wondrous World

The Beauty of Perito Moreno

After spending almost eight months living in Argentina and backpacking around South America, I decided enough was enough. I needed to see the glaciers in Patagonia no matter what. I booked a flight and headed out the next day from Buenos Aires. A big mistake I made was failing to reserve a dorm room, as … Continue reading The Beauty of Perito Moreno

Japanese Macaques

  Located about six hours northwest of Tokyo, nestled in Yamanouchi, Nagano, the Jigokudani Monkey Park is a semi-wild primate sanctuary. The Japanese Macaques are very calm creatures that roam freely around the park, playing with each other, grooming each other, munching on bananas, and indulging in the natural hot water spring in the center of … Continue reading Japanese Macaques

How to be a “Real” Backpacker

Recently, on the bus from Penang, Malaysia to Phuket, Thailand, I met a group of four Indonesian men traveling together. Equipped with designer bags, sunglasses, and beaming smiles, they joked that they wanted to be "real" backpackers, like me. This got me thinking about what it means to be a "real" backpacker. While I'm wandering … Continue reading How to be a “Real” Backpacker

Simple Ways to Beat Boredom on the Road- Sans Technology

Nowadays, most people fill their down-time or nervous stagnant state by staring at a screen. Whether on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or just your TV, it’s more than likely that you pay more attention to this screen than your significant other. Hey, it’s 2013, and that’s the plain truth. Many people ask me how I endure long … Continue reading Simple Ways to Beat Boredom on the Road- Sans Technology

Bag Lady: A Reflection on Personal Belongings and What Really Matters

Some things are absolutely necessary. Water, food and air aside- for me, these "things" would better be defined as experiences or actions. They are travel and writing. The two most important aspects of my life- when I go without for too long, my body and mind go through withdrawals. I yearn, I crave, I spiritually bleed for … Continue reading Bag Lady: A Reflection on Personal Belongings and What Really Matters

Recurring Dreams of a Travel Addict

...Or should I say nightmares? There is always an elaborate trip planned out with a few of friends of mine. An itinerary example would be Nicaragua, Venezuela, Croatia, and Russia. We get to the first destination, do what we're supposed to do, see what we're supposed to see, eat what we're supposed to eat, and then … Continue reading Recurring Dreams of a Travel Addict