Buenos Aires: A Time of Struggle, Awakening, and Transformation

When I moved to Argentina, there was much I had to learn not only about the country and the Latin American region, but also myself. At the romantic, idealistic age of twenty-two, I bought my one-way ticket to Buenos Aires. I was prepared to volunteer teaching English, finish the novel I'd started the year before, become … Continue reading Buenos Aires: A Time of Struggle, Awakening, and Transformation

International Women’s Day: My Heroines

Today I was reading through my personal Facebook feed and found some men questioning the purpose of International Women's Day. What, should we stop what we're doing simply to revel in women's beauty for an entire day? Um, excuse me?! This is only one of many issues that irk me. Women are not here on this earth … Continue reading International Women’s Day: My Heroines

Taiwan: The Call of Liberation

The thought of international travel seemed a wicked, impossible taunt just months ago. My passport lay abandoned and forlorn in my nightstand drawer, gathering dust as I struggled to crack the mold of weariness that enveloped me. I had spent over a month in LA working and visiting old friends, rearranging my life's unrecognizably morphed puzzle … Continue reading Taiwan: The Call of Liberation

Random Thought of the Day- Bukowski’s Fragrance

Sitting here in the cafe, an old, obese, grey haired man with a plaid flannel shirt and holey sweatpants hobbles in past me, the pungent smell of body odor, alcohol, and days-old-underwear suffocates me.  He sits down, scribbles something on a piece of college-lined paper, holds it up to the light to focus his eyes upon it, and … Continue reading Random Thought of the Day- Bukowski’s Fragrance

Lessons Learned: What I Wouldn’t Do Again

Well, the Daily Post today prompted: "Tell us about something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do." It took me awhile to come up with something that I'd advise a friend not to do.  After all, I'm of the "better to regret what I've done than what I haven't done" types.  … Continue reading Lessons Learned: What I Wouldn’t Do Again

The Beauty that is Me- Woman.

I've been thinking a lot lately about body image and how, in this society, thin is beautiful. Ironically, the larger you are, the more invisible you become. After gaining a ton of weight over the last few years, I have noticed how differently people treat me. Not only is it strangers- men have given me significantly less attention- but also … Continue reading The Beauty that is Me- Woman.