5 Romantic Budget Destinations in South Korea

I’ve never been to South Korea, but I’ve been very interested in the culture as of late. I turned to Gem of Travels with a Hobo, since she specializes in South East Asian destinations. And because she travels with her significant other, I figured she’d add a bit of romance to my solo travel stories! So if you’re on a budget, and wanting to take a romantic vacation, South Korea is your place!


Annyeonghaseyo! The land of kimchi, bulgogi, and japchae isn’t just for spicy dishes and K-pop singers. It can also be one of the best places to say saranghae (I love you). Each year, South Korea welcomes over a thousand international visitors into its borders to for business, pleasure, and those seeking romance.

If you’re a couple traveling to Korea, you don’t need to spend a fortune to show how much you love your partner while visiting the country. I’ll be giving you the best romantic, yet budget-friendly places in South Korea below!


Sky Rose Garden

If a dozen roses could spell out “I love you very much,” what would hundred say? The gorgeous, renowned Sky Rose Garden is the perfect place to orchestrate a sweet date. In fact, the garden is situated on top of a movie theater—one of Korea’s first.

After finishing your day activities, take your partner to a breathtaking dinner at the Sky Rose Garden on the 8th floor. Its high-rise location gives you a mesmerizing view at golden hour. Not to mention, its roses change depending on the season.

There’s no doubt that the Sky Rose Garden will make your loved one feel like they’re truly your Seoul-mate.


Sky Guesthouse

Nothing spells romance more than indulging in picturesque views of the best spots in the city with your significant other. Just imagine waking up every day to the scenic South Korea. This is what Hobo and I experienced while staying at the Sky Guesthouse. The best part was that you don’t have to be rich like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates to enjoy its incredible views.

Sky Guesthouse is a rooftop apartment owned by a delightful Korean housewife who made us feel so comfortable. It was almost like she was an auntie that we were visiting for the summer, instead of a budget hotel manager.

The quaint apartment offers a glimpse into living life with your partner in a humble abode, chatting about the latest news, your deepest dreams, or maybe just about who won the “Wheel of Fortune.” Also, the two bedroom apartment is equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, dining area, laundry area, and heated floors (perfect for the winter!).


Hangang River

Whether your partner is an outdoor enthusiast or not, you should go biking along the Hangang River. After all, research shows that spending time outdoors is good for us.

The Hangang River is no doubt Seoul’s most iconic symbol. It has become a major destination for recreation and relaxation. You can bike through the Yanghwa Cruise Pier, Yeouido Park, Banpo Hangang Park, Hannamdaegyo Rainbow Cafe, Gwangnaru Hangang Park, and many more locations.

Renting single bicycles costs 3,000 won/hour, tandems for 6,000 won/hour, and 15,000 won for a full day on single bikes. There are also free bikes around the trail for rent. However, they’re only available for two to three hours during the weekday and about one or two hours on weekends.


N Seoul Tower

Some couples dreamed of writing their names on padlocks and forever sealing their love on Paris’s love lock bridge in Pont des Arts. Unfortunately, in June 2015, the French government started taking down the locks for the fear that the bridge might collapse.

If this was on your bucket list, don’t fret. South Korea has a love lock version of its own, located on the N Seoul Tower. The railings are filled with heart-shaped locks, fastening with it years of promised love. So, if you ever visit Seoul, don’t forget to make your declaration of love known to the world with a love lock.

After you lock down your love, bask in the romantic ambiance at the tower’s rooftop terrace. In fact, N Seoul Tower is a romantic hotspot, since the South Korean drama series, “My Love from the Star,” was filmed there in 2014. This is where Cheong Song-yi and Do Min-jun vowed to love each other forever.

If you want to sweep your significant other off his or her feet with a just-like-the-movies date or even ask for their hand in marriage, this is the place to do it!



Photo via peacefuldumpling.com

Take them to the streets!

If you happen to be marrying a foodie (or food photographer for that matter), then a street-food food trip is a must. Although there isn’t exactly one particularly romantic spot for street food, getting lost in Korea while tasting local vegan delicacies like bibimbap or ddoekbokki is romantic (and delicious!) on its own.

The best romantic places don’t have to be like those we see in the movies, and it doesn’t have to cost you thousands to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. Sometimes, the most romantic places to be are simply where you’d enjoy it the most together.

-Gem Muzones



Gem blogs at Travels with a Hobo. If you’d like to learn more about South Korea, or other destinations she has explored, check out her blog here!


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