Travel Tips for Vegans: A Twitter Chat

It’s been almost three years since I decide to leave vegetarianism behind and dive all the way into veganism. Fueled with a passion for animal rights and a curiosity for culinary diversity throughout the world, I brought together my love for travel with my new way of life. I became not just an ethical traveler, but a vegan traveler as well.

Last Thursday, OneTravel invited me back for another #OneTravelChat on Twitter, and to my delight, they wanted me to discuss my experiences while traveling on a plant-based diet. If you weren’t able to make the chat, I’ve posted the questions and answers below, as well as some extra tips and suggestions. (For simplicity’s sake, I’ve taken out the hashtags, handles, and abbreviations.) I hope you enjoy them!


“Eat more fruits and vegetables.” -An adorable sign I saw outside of Chilimos, a vegan restaurant in Tarifa, Spain.

OneTravel: Can you tell us what being vegan means?

Me: Being vegan means eating a plant-based diet free of animal products, like eggs, dairy, and honey.


Hanging out at Pylsa Pulsa in Reykjavik, Icleand, where they have delicious vegan dogs. Nope, being vegan does not cramp my traveling style.

OneTravel: How does being vegan affect your travel routine?

Me: Traveling as a vegan doesn’t change my travels much, although I do go out of my way to eat at vegan restaurants.


Vegan dumplings. Oh me, oh my.

OneTravel: What have been some of your favorite vegan dishes on the road?

Me: Some of my favorite global vegan dishes: Fruit salad with chile in Mexico, spinach & chickpeas in Spain, and veggie dumplings in Taiwan.


OneTravel: Who are your favorite vegan bloggers?

Me: This is difficult, because there are so many! Some favorites are: Randi of Veggie Visa, Amelia of Plant Powered Nomad, Caryl and Paul of Vegan Food Quest, Amanda of Burger Abroad, and Kristen of Will Travel for Vegan Food.

Food Fight splurge.jpg

Ok, so many of these items you can’t bring while backpacking, but I highly recommend the Vega snack bars!

OneTravel: Is there a staple you always carry with you in case you cannot find plant-based food?

Me: I bring granola bars, oatmeal & nuts w/ me, esp. on long bus rides. There’s often not much choice at the pit stops.


A delicious burger at b13, one of my favorite restaurants in Madrid, Spain

OneTravel: What have been your favorite vegan-friendly cities?

Me: My fave vegan-friendly cities: Reykjavik, Taipei, Madrid, Budapest, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, and many more!

happy cow

OneTravel: What are some good resources to use if you’re traveling as a vegan for the first time?

Me: Before you go, read The Vegan Word’s The Essential Vegan Travel Guide. On the road, use the Happy Cow and Veganagogo apps. Also, check out my Vegan Travel Blogger Directory for inspiration from the experts.

journey into veganism2

Portland is the BEST  if you’re a vegan!

OneTravel: Have you ever traveled somewhere specifically for the vegan food? Where?

Me: Yes! A veggie-friendly destination is crucial. The most extreme case was moving to Portland because it’s a vegan paradise!


It’s surprisingly easy to be vegan in Turkey. Many of the cooks and waiters are curious as to why you’re vegan, too.

OneTravel: Do you have a favorite vegan-related travel story?

Me: The best vegan travel stories involve the naysayers who’ve given veganism a go because of me. Plus making awesome, like-minded friends (even if they’re animals).


Random, yet awesome, photo to demonstrate how much I love cats. Photographer unknown.

OneTravel: What’s the best part about being a vegan traveler?

Me: As a vegan traveler, I help others realize that we can live (& eat) happily without harming animals. That’s the best.


Photographer unknown.

If you’re interested in becoming vegan, or the common practices in the meat and dairy industries, not to mention how much a plant-based diet helps the planet, I’d suggest checking out these documentaries on Netflix.

Are you a vegan traveler? What tips would you include here? If you have any questions or comments, please write them in the box below!

16 thoughts on “Travel Tips for Vegans: A Twitter Chat

    • Cristina Luisa says:

      Thanks, Molly!It’s always great to connect with other vegan travelers. It’s true; mainly the meat-eaters remark about how hard it must be to travel as a vegan! Haha. Please let me know if you’d like to be included on my Vegan Travel Blogger Directory! Xoxo.


  1. jolie hebert says:

    I am not Vegan, but I like to eat less meat than I used to. I like Vegan recipes. I just went to Berlin. They have a big Vegan crowd there. It was surprising for me because when you think German food there is always meat involved. There are so many options there. I ate Thai and Vietnamese. I didn’t eat vegan the whole time, but if you are you could have done that so easily. There was also vegan brownie options in most of the coffee shops I went to.


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