Summer by the Arno River

There’s nothing like long summer days, soaking in the sun, spending time with loved ones- or, oftentimes in my case, great new friends I’ve made during my travels. Everyone seems to be in a lively mood and life just seems like it can’t get any better. Except if you’re in Europe, then surely it could get better.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to finally visit Europe, but since I took that first flight to Spain in 2015, I haven’t been able to get enough. In fact, I’ve spent so many days there that I have to wait 90 days for my EU visa to renew.

And so, as I sit in sunny California, I dream of still being on the Mediterranean, enjoying one of the many festivals that Europe offers when the days are long and, as Janis said, “the living’s easy.” Ask me where I’d most like to be, and the answer is easily, Italy. With good food, friendly people, beautiful vistas, and spectacular weather, it’s a paradise that beckons people from around the world.


Stay at the gorgeous Hotel Lungarno, which is located along the tranquil Arno River, and offers far more than luxurious accommodations and tasteful art. (Though if you’re in the mood, the options are quite tempting!). The guests of the Lungarno Collection Hotels can enjoy the two masterpieces in Piazza della Signoria.

Earlier this month, a music and theater show of “The Season” played in Villa La Pietra. Featuring pianist Kirill Gerstein and tenor Toby Spence, it was perfect for couples seeking a romantic evening in Florence. Maybe someone will take me next year! 😉

lungarno collection fiesta

For those traveling as a family, one of Italy’s most anticipated events- the famous “Palio di Siena”- took place in the town of Siena. This Medieval equestrian competition paired history and excitement for a memorable experience, no matter what your age.

If you’re in the area, happen to be planning a trip to Italy, or are a spontaneous adventurer, head to Florence to enjoy the rest of summer. Choose from the many hotels part of the Lungarno collection, such as the Hotel Lungarno, Hotel Continentale, and the lovely Portrait Firenze Hotel. August has come to a close, but there are still certainly many things to do.


This August 30th and 31st, “Like in America,” a traveling theater show, presented stories about Florence and its history. This visually-compelling show was held along the beautiful Arno River, so guests were able to stroll down from their rooms in time to grab a drink and enjoy a summer night of entertainment. It truly was a remarkable way to enjoy the last days of August.

Have you been to Florence or the Arno River? How do you suggest enjoying the rest of our summer this year?



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