This Tuesday’s Twitter Chat: Portugal

This Tuesday’s Twitter chat was a great deal of fun. CheapOair invited me back to talk about one of the things I love the most- travel! For the topic, I suggested we discuss Portugal- a country I’d be longing to see for eons and finally had the chance to explore this past spring. It was one of those countries I was curious about, but didn’t exactly know what to expect. Nonetheless, I had strong premonition that it would be well worth my time. And indeed it was.

Growing up, I had many friends whose parents had migrated from the Azores and the mainland, so I had an inkling of what Portuguese culture would be like. But nothing is as good as the real thing. I flew into Porto, traveled down the country via BlaBlaCar, and left out of Faro, the country having a newfound love for the Portuguese language, its people, landscapes, music, and appreciation for gastronomy.

If you didn’t catch our Twitter chat, you’re in luck! Here is our conversation, revisited (handles and hashtags included!):

  1. @CheapOair: What are some travel essentials for a trip to #Portugal? #CheapOairChat

Chronicles of a Travel addict (aka @TravelChronicle): When traveling to #Portugal, bring good walking shoes, a camera, a Portuguese dictionary, and a huge appetite! #CheapOairChat

  1. @CheapOair: What’s the number one, must-see attraction in #Portugal? #CheapOairChat

@TravelChronicle: My favorite sight in #Portugal was the #sunset over #Lisbon from Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. #CheapOairChat

Miradouro Senhora do Monte, Lisbon, Portugal

Miradouro Senhora do Monte, Lisbon, Portugal

3. @CheapOair: Are there any upcoming events you’d recommend attending in #Portugal? #CheapOairChat

@TravelChronicle: Heading to #Portugal early next year? Visit Lisbon for #carnaval in February and Porto for #semanasanta in March. #CheapOairChat

  1. @CheapOair: Where’s the best place to go shopping in #Portugal? #CheapOairChat

@TravelChronicle: Whether you’re looking for boutiques, books, or souvenirs, don’t miss #shopping in Lisbon’s #Chiado in Bairro Alto. #CheapOairChat

  1. @CheapOair: When’s the best time of year to visit #Portugal? #CheapOairChat

@TravelChronicle: #Spring is the best time to visit #Portugal. Enjoy the sun without high season prices! #CheapOairChat

On the beach trail in Lagos, Portugal

On the beach trail in Lagos, Portugal

6. @CheapOair: What’s your favorite thing to eat in #Portugal? #CheapOairChat

@TravelChronicle: Though #Portugal is known for its sardines and sausages, as a #vegan, I enjoyed the veggie francesinhas and #vinho! #CheapOairChat

  1. @CheapOair: Where’s #Portugal’s best nightlife? #CheapOairChat

@TravelChronicle: From Porto to Lagos, the #Portuguese know how to party! Check out #fado, sip on #ginjinha, and dance the night away. #CheapOairChat

  1. @CheapOair: What’s the easiest way to get around #Portugal? #CheapOairChat

@TravelChronicle: #Portugal’s cities have fantastic bus and metro #transportation. #Blablacar is also great. #CheapOairChat

Oncoming vintage train in Lisbon

Oncoming vintage train in Lisbon

@CheapOair: Which accommodations would you recommend for a stay in #Portugal? #CheapOairChat

@TravelChronicle: There are many affordable, convenient hostels and hotels in #Portugal, such as the @almaportohostel in #Porto. #CheapOairChat

  1. @CheapOair: Last but not least, how would you describe #Portugal in one word? #CheapOairChat

@TravelChronicle: #Portugal is so many things, but if I had to describe it in one word, it’d be #aesthetic. #CheapOairChat

Os Gemeos' graffiti art found in Lisbon. Everywhere you look in Portugal, there's beauty to be found.

Os Gemeos’ graffiti art found in Lisbon. Everywhere you look in Portugal, there’s beauty to be found.

@CheapOair: That wraps up this week’s #CheapOairChat! A big thanks to @TravelChronicle for being our guest again! Join us again next Tuesday!

@TravelChronicle: Thank you so much to @CheapOAir for having me again to share my love for #Portugal! #CheapOairChat

If you are a budget traveler like me, and looking to buy a flight, I recommend checking out CheapOair. If you want to participate in their next Tuesday Twitter Chat, just look up the hashtag #CheapOairChat. Thanks to everyone who participated this Tuesday!

Have you been to Portugal, and what was your experience? What was your favorite city? Is there anything you would add to my answers? (I could’ve written so much more, but writing in 140 characters poses challenges!) What does Portugal mean to you? Please leave your comments below!


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