Five Underrated Beaches You Should Visit in the Philippines

The heat is on! Summer has always been my favorite time of the year, but since moving to the Pacific Northwest, I get the urge to turn on the AC when it hits 80 degrees Farenheit. The last couple of weeks, the weather has been beautiful, but I constantly catch myself daydreaming about my trip last year through Southeast Asia. I picture myself in the ocean again, snorkeling in Koh Chang, Thailand, or white water rafting in the Padas River, Malaysia.  I yearn to be back in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, taking pictures of the sunset while knee-deep in the ocean, feet on gravelly sand. Basically, I want to be back at the beach in Southeast Asia. I salivate at the thought, while scavenging prices to nearby islands.
Since I wasn’t able to see all of Southeast Asia last year, and since I’ve been fantasizing about beaches, I contacted Jep Barroga and asked him where he would go. Jep is from the Philippines, and he knows all about the hidden treasures the Philippines has to offer. And these beaches are definitely drool-worthy.

Five Underrated Beaches You Should Visit in the Philippines

Guest Post by Jep Barroga


Summer months are here again, and the sweltering heat in the Philippines is enough to make everyone hit the nearest beach for some fun under the sun. Of course, the most obvious choice for many beach hunters is Boracay. However, the once unexplored beaches of Boracay are now overrun with too many commercial establishments and undisciplined tourists. With such crowded shores, especially for travelers looking for a quiet spot to relax, this popular beach has become overrated.

If you’re ready for some beach adventure—you’ve got your gear, your itinerary and your travel insurance—but are stumped on where to go, read on. I have compiled five of the top underrated beaches in the Philippines you should bop over to on your next holiday:


1.     Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Davao
Pearl Farm Photo courtesy of Pearl Farm Resort

Pearl Farm Beach Resort
Photo courtesy of

This resort on Samal Island is a special place where pearls used to be cultivated. Nowadays, it offers white sandy beaches, lush trees, and villas with scenic views of the Davao Gulf waters. Designed with Maranao and Samal ethnic influences, The Pearl Farm Beach Resort radiates traditional charm. It includes facilities such as tennis, basketball and badminton courts—along with outdoor swimming pools and a health spa. Plus, the cocktail bar has a magnificent view of the sea and islands close by. For the adventurous, the resort offers activities such as water polo, banana boat rides, scuba diving, wind surfing, sea kayaking, jet skiing, Hobie cat surfing and underwater photography.


2.     Cebu

Cebu, a tropical island resort, is home to several stunning beaches. A few include such Santa Fe beach in Bantayan Island, Santiago White Beach in Camotes Island, and Sayaw Beach in Barili.


3.     Panglao, Bohol
Panglao Beach Photo courtesy of

Panglao Beach
Photo courtesy of

Panglao, situated in Bohol, is an ideal island for scuba diving. It features beautiful coral and an abundance of underwater sea creatures. Panglao offers fluoro diving, which is a type of diving that provides a spectacular view of underwater flora- similar to being in a disco bar. In 2012, Panglao was named one of the best secret beaches on earth by Travel + Leisure Magazine. To get to Panglao, take a one hour flight from Manila to Bohol Island. It’s just a 25 minute taxi ride from there.

4.     Matukad Island, Caramoan, Camarines Sur

Another lovely beach worth visiting is Matukad Island in Caramoan, Camarines Sur. With its sandy beaches and limestone cliffs, it’s a sight to behold. It was also chosen as a location where “Survivor” was filmed. Matukad Island is also near Laos Island, which offers two beach coves facing different sides of the isle.

5.     Pagudpud


Also topping the list of must-see beaches is Pagudpud in the Ilocos Norte province. With its crystal blue water and white-sand beaches, it’s easy to see why travelers enjoy going on nature trips here. Pagudpud is known for its thick forest that surrounds Kaibigan Falls and a spectacular concave basin. Pagudpud is considered the “Hawaii of Philippine Beaches” and offers romantic twilight views.


There are many other fantastic beaches in the Philippines in addition to those listed above. If ever you want to visit them, do plenty of research beforehand, and talk to locals, since the best secluded beaches are usually located in rural places.

Have fun at the beach!


About the Author

Author Jep Barroga

Author Jep Barroga


Jep Barroga is a Filipino freelance writer and blogger. He mainly writes about his travel experiences and personal finance. You can read some of his stuff here. You can also contact him on Facebook.






2 thoughts on “Five Underrated Beaches You Should Visit in the Philippines

  1. thetravellush says:

    I love the Philippines. I spent two months traveling around there last year. Even still I feel there’s so much left to explore. I went to Bohol and Bantayan, but I’d never heard of the other beaches on the list! They sound stunning. All the more reason to go back!!


    • Cristina Luisa says:

      That’s the same way I feel about Thailand, as well as so many other places! I’m jealous that you got to explore as much as you did in the Philippines. Yes, all of these beaches are now on my list for when I go (date unknown)!


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