A 14-year-old’s Life Goals

I recently took a trip to California to surprise my Dad for his 70th birthday. In between spending time with family, I stayed up late a couple of nights just reading previous journals and essays from high school. (I love to reminisce.) It baffles me how different my view on life was back then, and it also surprises me how long I’ve had the same ambitions.  Here is what I wrote in September of 1996, when I was 14 years old:

I do not know what exactly I will do for a profession, but I know it has to be something I enjoy. I’d love to be an artist or a photographer, because that is what I love doing. Having a big modern house would be wonderful, but I do not want to live in only one place in my lifetime. I have never been out of California except for a visit to Oregon when I was six or seven. I want to go to college and graduate school someplace in the US besides California. Afterward, I yearn to travel around the world, but especially South America, Europe, and Australia. I would live in an apartment for at least a few years in each place. The reason I’d like to live, instead of visit, these places is that the culture cannot be totally absorbed in a brief period of time. Some other things I want to do while traveling are sky dive, bungee jump, and mountain climb.

The crazy thing is, I hated Oregon when I was a child. This is the last state I’d imagined myself living in, and here I am in Portland! Moreover, I absolutely love it! It trips me out how my life has unfolded in such a way I foresaw as a young teenager. True, I have yet to visit Europe and Australia, but I suppose I was born with gypsy dreams. I couldn’t be more grateful that I’ve fulfilled so many of my ambitions and have stuck with what I love in life.

2 thoughts on “A 14-year-old’s Life Goals

  1. Jamie says:

    It’s great having the gypsy gene, isn’t it? Much like your 14-year-old-self, I couldn’t (and still can’t) stand the idea of staying in one place for the rest of my life. How do others do it?!?

    I did manage to leave Florida to move to Portland. (It truly is a wonderful place!) Of course, I didn’t stay long there. Having a gypsy gene, I wanted to explore other places. So, now I’ve found myself all the way in New Zealand!

    By the way, did you ever sky dive, bungee jump, or mountain climb? 🙂


    • Cristina Luisa says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I love, love, love wandering the globe! It can be a blessing and a curse! I really don’t get others that stay in one location. The world is just too fascinating and gorgeous for that.

      Portland is super cool, isn’t it? I can’t believe I survived the winter here, but summer is proving to be quite beautiful! Too bad you don’t live here anymore; I was going to say we should meet up! 😉 How long have you been in New Zealand? I would love to get to that area of the world one day. The list is too long!

      I have bungee jumped (in Las Vegas, at Circus Circus, of all places!) but have yet to sky dive. I’ve done indoor rock climbing, but I don’t think that counts!

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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