Travel Talk Tuesdays 4/15: Asia

TTT Topic: Asia

1) What country do you want to visit the most in Asia?

Hands down, I’d choose India. I’ve been jonesing to visit this country for over eight years, and while I’ve spent a decent amount of time in Asia, it still hasn’t happened. Everyone I’ve spoken with has said that India is as intense of a travel experience you can get. The colors, the smells, the food, the religion, the gorgeous architecture, the crowded bazaars, the peaceful mountainscapes- it seems like a shocking, stimulating place to explore and take all of your senses to a different level.

2) Is there a country you’d rather not visit in Asia?

Admittedly, there are few countries that I wouldn’t like to visit. However, if I had to choose one country to avoid in Asia, it would be North Korea. Kim Jong-Un may very well be crazier than his father, and I just don’t dig the whole conformity/censorship/absolute control thing. Plus, he seems to be best friends with Dennis Rodman. It just seems like an ominous, strange, anti-community communist country.

3) Have you ever been to Asia? if so, which countries?

Yes, I have! I have been to China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia/Malaysian Borneo, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I would return to all of these countries in a heartbeat, with the exception of Brunei.

4) Is there any Asian influence where you are currently living?

I have only been living in Portland for about three months, so my answer could be totally off. From what I’ve seen, there is definitely a culinary influence. Thai food is everywhere (and it is GOOD). Japanese and Chinese food do not fall much behind. There are many boutique shops that sell paintings, carvings, fabric, jewelry, and other souvenir-type items from Thailand, India, and China. In terms of population, there isn’t a big Asian presence.

5) If you could be fluent in Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Hindi, which one would you choose?

I studied Japanese years back, and it’s still my favorite Asian language. I would love to be fluent, but in all honesty, if I’m going to endure the torture of learning a non-romance language, it better be useful. My choice would therefore be Chinese, and someday I’ll go back to Taiwan, maybe stay for a year, and make that happen.

What does Asia mean to you? Have you been, or would you like to go?

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Xie xie!


3 thoughts on “Travel Talk Tuesdays 4/15: Asia

    • Cristina Luisa says:

      Yes, it’s quite a coincidence! 🙂 I love Asia. Brunei is beautiful, but it’s just very expensive, strict, and kind of backwards. (Have you heard that the Sultan wants to impose stoning people to death if they’re accused of being gay?!) Also, it was super difficult to find a bus out of there. I felt like I was being trapped! Haha.


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