Boxes are not My Reality

Stir-crazy I sit
Wanting to be
there, anywhere, everywhere
I’m a caged lioness
A stadium-raged bull
A wasp in a jar
An alien in the womb
An elephant in a plastic swimming pool

I am
A voice unheard
A word unwritten
A breath unreleased
A future untold
A trip not taken-
A moment ready to burst into

Surely, this is not
All I see are walls-
from the inside, from the
People living in boxes boxes boxes
afraid to be seen
afraid to see
afraid to
be afraid.
Boxes are not

Call it, call me
what you want.
Gypsy, nomad, hippie;
Crazy, unrealistic, far-fetched-
but I know
my truth (and maybe even
And I’d rather
as I am-
gallivanting, exploring, striving,
seeking, pondering, wandering (a soul
at home
in the unknown)-
as I was meant to be-
right in this very moment
waste my
whole fucking life
wishing I were somewhere else
In someone else’s free body
doing what someone
braver than me
was doing.

No, that is not
the story
of my life.
Boxes are not

2 thoughts on “Boxes are not My Reality

  1. JORGE AHUMADA says:

    I’ll call you a TJ, I’m sure you can figure out what it stands for. Like my mother would say when we couldn’t stay still… ” parece k tienes lombrices en la cola”

    Most of us are ants in an ant farm, and shu mai frend are worse than DORA…imagine if you owned a rocketship, you would be like a comet we only get to see every some hundred years…


    • Cristina Luisa says:

      Hey Jorge!

      How are you? Did you and the family move to Texas?

      Anyhow, does “TJ” stand for “Travel Junkie”? your mom wouldn’t know what to do with me! I have itchy feet, “worms in my butt” (like your mom said), ants in my pants, cabin fever, wanderlust- whatever you want to call it!

      Oh, I wish I could work with Dora! Too bad she’s just a cartoon… haha. Shoot, I don’t need a rocketship, a private jet would do! ;-P

      I miss you! Let’s get in contact. Espero que todos esten bien y cuidense mucho!


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