Why Chronology and I Don’t Get Along

Chronology. According to world-wide web’s Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is defined as such:

1. the order in which a series of events happened

2. a record of the order in which a series of events happened

3. a science that deals with measuring time and finding out when events happened

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you may have noticed that I skip around from year to year when I write, as simply as selecting a pair of pink or orange socks. I was going to attempt a linear approach in writing about my recent adventures in the summer of 2013. I went from San Jose to Lake Tahoe to Los Angeles to Portland to Seattle to Vancouver, and then from Taiwan to Malaysia to Borneo to Brunei to Malaysia again, then to Thailand to Cambodia and…. I won’t tell you what’s yet to come. I really wanted to do this in a linear fashion for the sake of my readers’ facility (or sanity), but I have succumbed to the reality of my mind. I am not a chronological person. I believe in spirals, not in straight lines. I am a dreamer, a traveler, a being who lives in the midst of emotion with occasional deluges of lucid logic.

And so, you may wonder, This girl was just in LA and suddenly she’s in Cambodia with no explanation to be found. Trust me, there has been much that has happened in between. I have seen, explored, grown, and appreciated so much since this past  March when I decided I was going to find happiness, no matter what. All I can say is that I am definitely on the right path. So please consider this a disclaimer of sorts if my posts take you from the US to Taiwan to Canada to Thailand and back again to the US.  All I can do is tell the best story I can, as it occurs to me, as I feel it, for this is how I am choosing to write for the time being. Just think of the great William S. Burroughs and his cut-up method, and perhaps the ways in which I arrange my thoughts and stories will make perfect, absolute sense.

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