The Monday Meows

I admit it. I am and always have been a cat lady. Maybe even a cat freak. Ex-boyfriends have likened me to this domesticated animal, possibly because I am independent, can be quite sassy, and like to come and go as I please. If I could choose to be animal, I would be a bird- but only because they can fly, and that’s the ultimate act of freedom. My second choice, of course, would be to embody a lazy, doted-upon, well-fed cat that could sleep twenty hours a day. I think I would be a combination of Garfield and Tigger- sarcastic and goofy as hell.

Anyhow, I adopted a cat a couple of nights ago. I question my own sense of responsibility. I’m only here in Trat for a month. But this little bugger is so ugly s/he is irresistibly cute, with an amiable dog-like personality and roaring purr. Her/his (okay, maybe I should check this out…) eyes are bright yellow with grey eyelashes. S/he looked into my face last night with her bright owl eyes and earnest plea for affection, and that was it. “Buho” means owl in Spanish, and that is her/his name, minus the “h”, just so we’d have something in common. It’s the perfect combination for me- an owl-cat to sit behind my laptop as I work, giving me companionship and inspiration.

In travel heaven with Buo!

In travel heaven with Buo!

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