I Went Away

While much has transpired since I was in Los Angeles (that I certainly will be writing about), tonight I walked down the streets of an unfamiliar city in a foreign country, listening to Fernanda Takai. She is a Brazilian musician I discovered while in a bookshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil, circa 2008. As I am prone to do, I have developed an overwhelming nostalgia for a previously visited country (Brazil, of course) since my travel began.

Nonetheless, as I listened to Takai’s song, “Diz Que Fui Por Ai”, her words accompanied me on my walk, reassuring me that I am surely not the first person to fall in love with wanderlust. And if you share the same sentiments, my dear reader, you will certainly not be the last, either.

“Se alguém perguntar por mim
Diz que fui por aí
Levando um violão debaixo do braço
Em qualquer esquina eu paro
Em qualquer botequim eu entro
Se houver motivo
É mais um samba que eu faço
Se quiserem saber se volto
Diga que sim
Mas só depois que a saudade se afastar de mim.”

My translation of her lyrics:

“If anyone asks about me
Tell them I went away
With a violin under my arm
I stop at any street corner
Enter whatever shop I want
If I had a motive,
It would be to samba with life
If they want to know if I’ll return
Tell them yes,
But only after homesickness has gotten the best of me.”

I see myself in Takai’s lyrics, except I carry a notebook under my arm (or, less romantically, a laptop), instead of a violin. Exploring the world, I do as I please and enjoy the curiousness of life. I feel at home in the strangest of environments, like a chameleon adapting to whatever situation is presented to me. Sure, I’ll return to the States sometime- maybe sooner, maybe later. But one thing is for sure- it will only be after I am satiated with travel and can’t bear to be away one second longer. As far as I can tell, the journey has only begun.

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