Politik Kills: Reasons Why Mitt Romney Frightens Me

It surprises me that, up to this point, I’ve refrained from writing much about politics. After all, politics control everything in our lives, including education, health care, human rights, food, and economy. Politics can decide every last detail of our existence, including whether or not we are allowed to leave our country or visit foreign land. And to someone with an unhealthy obsession with leaving the country, that’s pretty big.

On the eve of Election Day, I am more nervous now than eight years ago when George W. Bush was running against John Kerry.  I was living in Argentina at the time, and made sure to send in my absentee ballot, swearing I would never live in the U.S. again if Bush came into presidency for another four years. When I saw that Bush had been reelected on a magazine cover in Chile, my gut tensed and I wanted to puke.  I convinced myself that it was a hoax, a Chilean tabloid of “what if”.  Alas, it was not.  And alas, I went against my own word and lived in the U.S. again, although about 25% or more of Bush’s term I was an intermittent ex-pat.

Back to present day: Yes, I am more nervous tonight than I ever have been about a presidential election.  Perhaps it’s because I am engaged, have a step-daughter to worry about, and thereby have solid roots in the United States.  Maybe it’s because I feel that Romney leading this country would be even worse than when Bush was in office (more on that later).  Or, it could be as simple as the fact that I have been watching the political campaigns since they began, when Romney was bragging about his cars’ elevator and Hilary Clinton (rightfully so) was saying that Mrs. Romney didn’t know what it was like to hold down a full-time job (or two) and try to raise children in a financially challenged environment.  (Believe me, I’m not saying that being a parent isn’t a job, but doing so while working 40+ hours a week is another story entirely.)

So, on with the reasons that I at once hold nothing but disdain for Mitt Romney and am petrified of the possibilities if he becomes president:

1. As Manu Chao sang, “politik need force politik need cries/politik need ignorance politik need lies”. And this is the first reason why Governor Mitt Romney scares the shit out of me. He is depending on the desperation of people struggling in a poor economy to gain the presidential seat, a strategy that none other than Adolf Hitler used in order to gain people’s favor. His main argument focuses on what President Obama has not done over the past four years, ignoring not only the president’s many accomplishments, but also the eight year mess of war, deficit, and severed global relations that George W. Bush dumped onto President Obama’s shoulders. Romney is counting on people’s ignorance and will say anything to gain a presidential seat.  Even Republicans who have worked with him in the past have admitted so.  He miscontrues his “facts” in order to “prove” his point, depending on the uneducated, misinformed, and gullible, in order to gain a presidential seat.

2. Human Rights and Equality.  Um… DUH!  I can’t believe that everything that people have worked so hard against, including Harvey Milk, Gertrude Stein, Ruth Simpson, Erica Jong, Martin Luther King, Jr., and President Barack Obama (just to name a few) might come to an end.  Let’s face it; all of our human rights are at stake here.  Romney wants to take politics back to the 19th (or even 18th) century when it was taboo when a) women and other minorities had any control over their lives and b) it was still disputed that love could exist between same-sex couples without a mutual case of insanity going on.

To revoke Roe V. Wade, which was established almost 40 years ago, is ABSURD.  And to think that doing so would somehow help the economy is just nonsense- it’s a very evil, uncool Dadaist thought.  Yes, do not allow impoverished women to have the right to abort, and believe that somehow their children’s opportunities will grow in abundance because of being “saved”.  Please.  If the child is not wanted, expected, or is born to a single mother on welfare, chances are that kid ain’t gonna do so well.  Oh, and if it’s rape, well, she probably wanted it anyway, although she said “no”.  Let’s go ahead and interrogate her after the traumatic experience to see if it was “legitimate” or not.

On the other hand, the LGBT movement has been in place- struggling, fighting, winning, losing, having what they’ve gained stripped away, and starting all over again- for decades.  As I mentioned before in Love is HERE, I believe that every single person on this earth deserves to find true love.  NO ONE- not your parents, not your church, not your teachers, and especially not your government– has the right to take that away from you.  If straight celebrities can get married for shits and giggles and get divorced a few days later, if straight people from different countries can get married for green cards, and if straight people can get married to gain financial and social status, then, shit, two LGBT people should be able to get married and have the same rights as others because, say, they might actually be in LOVE.  Imagine that concept!

3. The U.S. Military and War Policies.  Well, first the man (or dare I say “devil”?) criticized President Obama for wanting to phase our troops out of Afghanistan, all the while wanting to invest more money in bolstering our military, and insisting that we become more pro-active on Iran’s potential nuclear threat.  He then, suddenly, cared about the massive civil war that has been going on for over a year in Syria.  In the same vein, he threw a tantrum about President Obama not labeling the attacks on the  U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya to be an “act of terror” (while giving the President the stink- eye).  He stood corrected by the president and Candy Crowley.

Here is a man who wants to add more ships to the Navy (all the while promising in the 3rd debate that all he wants is peace), and is willing to ignore education and green energy in order to further our capabilities in battle.  Sure, he “love[s] teachers”, but not enough to promote stabilizing their careers, thereby ensuring more informed, aware, and self-sufficient generations of children.  If Romney doesn’t even believe in global warming, how are we even to begin to try to reverse the damage that has been caused to the earth and its atmosphere?

4. Mitt Romney is not a real politician.  While defining “real politician” could be as tricky as defining a “truthful lawyer”, I’ll simplify my statement:  He doesn’t know anything about politics.  After watching CNN one day in February or March, I jokingly said: “Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up, please stand up?!”  After all this time, I can’t get a genuine feel for who the guy is or what he cares about.  The only exception is his money.  He is a capitalist and a business man.  That much is clear.  But how he plans on transferring his knowledge of how to exploit others to enrich the economy is, err, unclear.  Especially when it comes to using his entrepreneurial skills to help the middle class (READ: $250,000 per year! Oh, he meant per household. Still, that’s a house of two doctors!) and the lower class become economically stable.  Not everyone has the resources, or even the desire, to start their own business.  The economy cannot possible be so simple-minded to limit itself to big-time (or, as Romney claims, “small”) business.

Certainly, I don’t think that most United Stateseans would consider buying small businesses, forcing them into bankruptcy, and reaping the profits- oftentimes in the millions- to be an ethical practice.  This is a way to ensure the LOSS of jobs, not the gain.  The only thing that is acquired in this practice is more money for those that already have it.  The have-nots will, well, continue to not have.

Dare I even mention the Massachusetts governor’s stance on outsourcing jobs to other countries for profit, or using foreign bank accounts to evade tax cuts?  Wouldn’t that be the… err… opposite of patriotism?  And the epitome of self-interest, greed, disregard, and selfishness?

Truth be told, I could go on and on and on about this man and how he frightens the Beelzebub out of me (because I think that’s what he is), but I have to cut it short.  I don’t trust the guy.  His false accusations; misleading promises; reptilian behavior; disdain for women, sexual “deviants” and any other “subordinates”; and penchant for talking alot without actually saying anything simply leave me with a bad taste in my mouth.  Maybe it’s because every time I see him, I want to, or do, vomit.  Maybe it’s because I truly believe that our president has an earnest interest in his country and its people.  Maybe it’s because I don’t want to travel back in time and erase the work many people have lived and died for.

But surely, I am against Mitt Romney even walking into the White House because I think that he is an absolute fraud and cares nothing aside from his billions of dollars and fancy lifestyle.  He is not compassionate, not knowledgeable, not innovative, not aware.  He frightens me worse than any nightmare I’ve had (and, for some reason, he has recently appeared in many of them), than any horror film I’ve ever seen.  I see in Mitt Romney a conglomeration of George W. Bush, Kim Jong Il, Carlos Menem, and Richard Nixon rolled into one, with the potential to explode.

Yes, I’m scared.  I don’t know if I’ll even sleep tonight.  It’s not only my future, but my family’s future on the line.  It’s my future children’s education, opportunity, and resources to be lost.  It is the doom of the entire world (and not just the Middle East, which, according to the last debate, is the only other pertinent part of the world beside the U.S.).  Dramatic?  Maybe.  Possible?  Very.  And I didn’t even get into healthcare.  Hmph.

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