Love is HERE

Love is brilliant.  Love is blind.  Love is bold.  Love is beautiful.  Love is brave.  Love is bashful.  Love is beat.  Love is apparently best described by adjectives starting with the letter “b”.  But seriously. love is wonderful and amazing and deserved by EVERYONE.

I truly believe that our President desires the best for the people of the world, but it irks me to no end that he was so mum about his stance on gay rights until just recently, and only after following Biden’s lead.  Why did he have to wait almost four years to come out of the closet that he supported the LGBT community?!  Shall I turn a blind eye that this was a campaign ploy?

Anyhow, I love this photograph of Spence Tunick’s so much because it shows how powerful and free we can be as humans if we accept ourselves for who we are- in the nude, in the mirror, in our minds, in our hearts, with our souls shining brightly in all their fragility. I truly believe that all is full of love if we look in the right places.  We can learn to love ourselves amidst all of our mistakes just as we can learn to forgive others for pain they have caused us, whether intentional or not.  Pain inflicted on others is derived from pain felt.  We all need to look deep within ourselves and realize that hate comes around only on fear’s shoulder.

I will not teach my children to fear what they do not know.  They will not believe that any kind of love is wrong, that only men and women can kiss each other or get married, that blue is for boys and pink is for girls.  They will be free to love whomever they choose, and skin color, language, gender, religion, financial bracket will never bind them in their choices.

Everyone is entitled to love- it is a basic human right, and NO individual is ever entitled to take that away.

And Bjork’s video says it all…

What about you? Why do you think that some people want to keep others from loving?  Do you believe in true love?

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