A Trip Unforeseen: Exploring Oregon

Let’s be honest. There are some things that, when I was young, I never thought I’d do. After multiple torturous road trips with my parents to Klamath Falls, Oregon, just beyond the border of California, I never understood why anyone would want to live in that farmville of a state. And here I am, living in Portland, Oregon, and loving every bit of it. After several more agonizing experiences being locked up in a car with my parents within California, I swore on my grave I’d never spend more than an hour with them in a vehicle again. Again, I stand corrected. As they get older, I appreciate all my folks have done for me and look forward to spending time with them, even if arguments are inevitable. After all of the horror stories I heard growing up about hitchhiking, I never thought I’d get into a stranger’s car for a ride. Oh my, how things have changed. How travel has changed me so…

A packed bag= A happy heart

A packed bag= A happy heart

Yesterday morning, I got up at 6am after having gone to sleep around 3am, packed my bag, took a shower, ate a slice of bread, drank what was left of a two-day-old pot of coffee. Tired as hell, I hit the pavement to wait for the bus. Normally I’d be cursing life, but I was stoked to be hitting the road again. Travel = Life. And I love being alive, exploring the unknown, taking risks, and just seeing where the universe takes me.

Towne Storage: Walking around inner SE

Towne Storage: Walking around inner SE

I met up with my ride at My Father’s Place off of SE Grand, witnessing a horrible car crash as I was walking up Burnside, and ordered a mimosa at the bar. I sat down a couple stools down from the ride I’d found on Craigslist- a chill, southward bound, bearded musician- watching the Golden Girls and chatting about the Malaysian Airlines plane recently shot down.

We piled into his station wagon, met his friendly dog, and hit the road. Aside from listening to Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead cassettes, and seeing some odd shit on the highways, I slept on the drive down. I couldn’t help it. The dog woke me up a couple of times, howling in my ear, climbing onto my lap, and licking my face, but time warped quickly. I was in downtown Klamath Falls. The place I loathed as a child. But I was excited.

Just outside of Portland- Bears playing patty-cake on a semi

Just outside of Portland- Bears playing patty-cake on a semi

Soon enough, I was meeting up with a family friend, whom I hadn’t seen in almost ten years, at the Daily Bagel. We went back to her house, where we chatted for a couple of hours, munched on hummus and pita chips, and I retreated into the guest room to read No Touch Monkey: And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late, by Ayun Halliday. I must have read two sentences before my eyes closed shut.

Today my parents showed up at the house. It was a good day filled with conversation, laughter, eating tacos, drinking margaritas, my parents expressing how stupid I was for getting tattoos, taking photos of my family friends’ rabbit and flowers in the backyard, and trying to reconcile plans.

Don't mess with a rabbit and her pail

Don’t mess with a rabbit and her pail

Bees pollinating purple gerbera daisies

Bees pollinating purple gerbera daisies

Tomorrow, we head to Crater Lake. As I stated before, I will see all of Oregon’s wonders.



8 thoughts on “A Trip Unforeseen: Exploring Oregon

  1. I love your attitude towards adventure and travel Christina! Very much like my own I must admit. Life is too damn short and regrets sting hard – so, like you, we all need to get out there and witness the magic the world possesses and so readily gives if you just make the effort :) Live on


    • Thank you, JP! I appreciate the kind words, and yes, I believe we are like-minded travelers. There is just too damn much too explore and such little time. Are you still in Florida? Any new adventures?


      • Yes I’m still suffocating down here in Florida! :O Got a trip to the D.C. area planned soon. Wish I was in Oregon though… I’ve been reading up on “Grants Pass” and must say that I’m totally infatuated with the place. Have you been?


      • You poor thing! At least you can go back to that bar Kerouac drank at! D.C. sounds like fun. I’ve never been there. I went to Grants Pass as a child but don’t remember it!


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