Exploring a Quirkier Side of the UK

When seeking guest posts, I tend to focus mostly on destinations I’ve never been, or experiences others have had that I think are noteworthy. In this case, I have asked Katrina Wilsons to contribute to my blog by providing a bit of information about the UK most of us haven’t seen. Now, I have never been to the UK, let alone greater Europe (I know, it’s appalling, isn’t it?!), but I know about the most famous places like Stonehenge, Big Ben, London Tower, and the Windsor Castle, as many of you do.  But what if you want to see a, well, quirkier side of the region? Read on for Katrina’s advice on where to go for a unique trip.

Exploring a Quirkier Side of the UK

Guest Post by Katrina Wilsons

The United Kingdom offers many wonderful attractions such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and the National Gallery, but there are still many more sights to explore. Some are so unique that visitors often leave the place in awe because of what they have witnessed. Here are some places that are worth-visiting in the UK:

Kingston Gala Bingo

Bingo is a popular activity in the country, but most people nowadays prefer playing this game online. It’s not surprising since there are different themes to choose from that will suit each person’s personality. Facebook bingo is perfect for social media freaks whilst the ancient-themed Bingogodz is suited for those who are into Greek mythology. If you want to see a crossover of the old and new bingo, then head to Kingston Gala Bingo. The venue used to be an old church that was transformed into an Art Deco cinema and later on into a luxurious bingo venue. Unfortunately, the venue will soon be changed into a commercial and business centre.

Kingston Gala Bingo

Kingston Gala Bingo

The Treehouse

Do you ever wonder how’s it like to live like Tarzan? Well, this is your chance to do that – but with the aide of modern facilities. The Treehouse is one of the most unique holiday destinations in the UK because guests can experience an amazing treetop location accompanied by breathtaking views and lush gardens. There’s even an indoor heated swimming pool and a private hot tub for those who want to get away from the cold weather. If you’re planning to stay here, then take time to check out the longest heritage railway in England, the West Somerset Railway, which is just 1-½ mile away from Halse.

The Treehouse

Teapot Island

“Care for a cup of tea?” This phrase is common in the U.K. because the British are fond of drinking tea. Since the 18th century, the UK has topped the list for the highest tea consumption, reaching a whopping 165 million cups a day, based on the report of GB Mag. If you’re a tea lover, then head to the Teapot Island where you can find more than 6,700 teapots. In fact, this teapot museum holds two Guinness World Records and one record is for having the largest teapot collection in the world.

Teapot Island

These are just three of the many exciting destinations in the U.K. Can you recommend more unique places that travellers should check out in this country?

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3 thoughts on “Exploring a Quirkier Side of the UK

  1. Lake Windermere .A cabin at Loch Ness for a couple of nights .Leeds with its bars and clubs .Madam Tussauds in London for its wax models of famous people and maybe shopping at the famous Harrods store in London .


  2. There are two places in Britain where you can experience circus performed in a purpose-built building with a mechanism to convert the ring into a tank for water displays. Â One is, of course, the Blackpool Tower Circus [ http://www.theblackpooltower.co.uk/index.php ], which is famous for where it is and what it is; Â the other, a little less well known, is the Great Yarmouth Hippodrome [ http://www.hippodromecircus.co.uk ], which is unique in the way it belongs to, and continues to reinterpret circus and show-business traditions in exciting new ways.


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